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Regulatory fiddling burns platform roaming

An article from Stephen Mohan – Managing Director of Operational Services at Cofunds, which originally appeared in Money Marketing.

Wherever I turn I see the debilitating effects of the UK’s lack of joined up government. As an example, my wife is trying to build a restaurant and is trying to reconcile the different challenges of planning permission, building control, environmental policy, disability rules and licensing laws. None of these were established for bad reasons, but their combination leads to one major law: the one of unintended consequences – more about this later.

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Clarity needed from FSA on CP 11/26

Cofunds welcomes the clarity provided by the FSA in CP11/26. However, there are still some significant questions to be answered and time is passing fast for the industry to be able to react and prepare for the significant change this will bring.

We support the general thrust of what the FSA is seeking to achieve, including its stance on treating advice on funds in a life policy in the same manner as other product wrappers such as ISAs – this will ensure that product bias is removed.

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PS11/9: A few surprises and some more questions

Well it’s been all go lately! We’ve spent the last 2 days pouring over the FSA’s paper on platforms (PS11/9).

Here we set out our reaction to the FSA paper. As always we welcome your comments. Continue reading

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Platforms talk re-reg

Earlier this year we concluded that the conversations occuring in the press around platform to platform re-registration were clouding the issue rather than helping advisers to understand the current situation.

We invited all the platforms to join us, on camera, to discuss the issues we face, the obstacles that we need to overcome as and industry and to set out exactly what each of the platforms can currently offer in the way of re-registration.
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