Adopting a long-standing approach to emerging markets

Guest blog: Carmignac 
Authors: Charles Zerah, Fund Manager, and Xavier Hovasse, Head of Emerging Equities and Fund Manager

Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine: The experience to invest in emerging economies

In recent years, emerging markets have regained their rightful place with investors as part of the strategic asset allocation of their portfolios. Investors with a higher risk appetite have increased their exposure to emerging market equity funds, while more cautious investors have opted for emerging market debt funds. Yet, a growing number of investors require a more flexible emerging market proposition. For example, some equity investors would prefer a more cautious approach to the emerging market universe while some debt investors wish to spice up their emerging market asset allocation with a hint of equity holdings. Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine caters to the needs of both types of investors.


The uniqueness of this Fund lies in its differentiated approach. Not only does it provide exposure to emerging markets through a diversified allocation across equities, bonds and currencies, but also places a particular emphasis on active risk management. The Fund is therefore comprehensively Emerging, Diversified and Cautious.

Dig deeper into the emerging universe and the investment approach taken by Carmignac Portfolio Emerging Patrimoine, as they share the following insights:

• An update on emerging markets macro-economic outlook including GDP indicators
• A look at the developed world against emerging markets
• The risks associated with emerging markets and avoiding pitfalls.

Read the full article here for Carmignac’s latest thinking around emerging markets

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